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Here are some bios for the main Seinfeld characters:

Jerry's page

Click here to read and hear the funniest parts from Jerry Seinfeld's stand up shows.
The Little Stand-Up Shots Played Before the Show Starts in the Earlier Seasons.

Visit this gallery for 130 sounds in mp3 format. This gallery contains sounds from the last season, and others you won't find anywhere else.
(Example from "the Andrea Doria".)

In this part of the site you will find a few video clips...
Swimin'. George finds out that his boys can sweem.
Monkey Matters Kramer is "assaulted" by a monkey
The Junior Mint Kramer offers Jerry a Junior Mint while watching surgery...
The Marble Rye Jerry attempts throwing a marble rye to George,
who is hanging out of a third story window.
The Secret Code Kramer tries to guess George's secret ATM code
The Hello Jerry must choose between his stunning "Hellooooo" voice or his girlfriend
The Hottub Kramer wakes up in his hottub - but it's freezing cold
A Mercedes Commercial Elaine (Julia Louis Dreyfus) and Kramer (Michael Richards) in a Mercedes commercial
A Comment Jerry, always with something, has a comedic answer to George's (ahem)... problem.
The Paper After getting his hands full of ink, Jerry remarks that "Newspapers should come with a wet-nap"

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